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It is hard when landed on a town or places do not know what or where is the best place to go for eating, the most interesting part in town, where to for help and etc. So we come out with this blog to update and share the world just in case anyone drop by for any reason… hey what is cool at here in Kulim. Ha ha.. Just share u all our journey…

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3 Responses to “About”

  1. Gurcharan Singh Kulim said

    I was born and bred in kulim and left kulim in 1973 for UK for studies and was one of those few lucky ones that also was offered permenant leave to stay in UK.kulim used to be a great place to run around,play and have those adventures that children today lack!However, I notice that there may not still be a library in Kulim and would like to help sat this project up for my home town where multilingual books can be available for all to read.I wonder if any one can advise me on this, or let me know if tehre is a library in Kulim?

    • Hi, a very good Idea for the project. Hope It will still continue even though there is a public library you can find at location as below,

      Kulim Public library : 5.368599,100.559513 –> paste this location in Google maps
      (opposite the new magistrate court , it is opposite new magistrate court, near Kulim bus station, Kulim Market, Sri Malaysia Hotel, Kulim Hospital or beside the Kulim Indian / Singh Hall.)

      Other place to look for books is book stores at around kulim. Please find the location in google maps : 5.370385,100.554238 , 5.367947,100.553955 , Machang Bubuk Pulic Library : 5.339378,100.512496


  2. kusaland singh said

    ini,gurcharan singh seorang penipu,racist (anti melayu), kaki pukul bini,belajar guna duit kerajaan tapi tak mau bayar balik! Selalu buat janji kosong-nak sumbang-donate sana-sini,tapi satu sen pun tak bagi!

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